What Volunteer Centres do

Volunteer Centres exist across the UK to provide support at a local level for individual volunteers, and volunteer involving organisations. They have five core functions:

Voice of Volunteering: We deliver positive messages about the benefits and diverse nature of volunteering and support local organisations to market their opportunities to the widest possible audience.

Volunteer Brokerage: We provide a Matrix accredited interview and matching service, supporting volunteers, host organisations and communities to get the most out of volunteering opportunities.

Strategic Development of Volunteering: We prioritise the steps needed to address issues which have the greatest impact and relevance on volunteering locally.

Good Practice Development: We provide quality volunteer management learning provision to volunteer involving organisations.

Developing Volunteering Opportunities: We work in close partnership with local volunteer involving organisations, to understand the potential for, and to develop volunteering within the community.

Our volunteer centres operate a beneficiary led approach, targeting support to the needs of the individual or the organisation. Support and advice is given face to face, via email or phone or in small groups, depending on the nature of the issues and individual needs of the person or organisation.


What Volunteer Centres do