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You can use the following Funding Portals for your funding search some of which may require a Subscription Fee:

My Funding Central – Free for Groups with annual turnover of less than £30,000. Fees apply above this level.

Funds Online – Subscription Fees start from £150 + VAT for Charities

Grants Online – Subscription Fess start from £15 + VAT for one month and £99 + VAT for one year

Charitable Excellence – The free Charity Excellence Framework online toolkit, enables any non-profit to health check every area of activity in under half a day, with its own Quality Mark and the largest resource base in the sector, including 100s of organisations that provide free goods and services. Its Funding Finder database gives you click through to a huge range of funders, with the latest uploaded weekly into the Recent Additions search category. Everything is free.

Available Grants

Use the links below to find a funder and grant scheme for your group. You can use the search box on the top right of the table to find the grants you are looking for in your local geographical area. You can also use the arrows at the top of each column to sort the grants into Alphabetical order.

If you need support with your funding application, you can get in touch with your local service.

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General Funding

Grant NameFunder / Grant ManagerAwardsArea CoveredCriteriaDeadlineMore Info / Website
All Churches Grant ProgrammeAll Churches£60000LincolnshireGrant Programmes include:
Roof Alarms, Heritage, Transformational Recurrent and Methodist Grants
RollingAll Churches
Animal Friends Pet InsuranceAnimal Friends Pet Insurance£-LincolnshirePassionate about supporting animal charities, we provide funding to a range of initiatives and causes, including:

• Emergency and crisis appeals.
• Long term welfare and conservation projects
• One-off requests
RollingAnimal Friends Pet Insurance
Arnold Clark Community FundArnold Clark £1000 MaxLincolnshireeligible if people and communities in the UK are the primary focus of investment and if they’re made by organisations that are incorporated in the UK. The funding must also provide immediate relief for the organisation30/06/2022Arnold Clark
Basil Samuel Charitable Trust Basil Samuel Charitable Trust £1000 - £5000Lincolnshiresmall grants to registered charities in England and Wales operating in the following fields:

o Social care.
o Education.
o Cultural activities, and
o Medical needs and Animals
RollingThe Trustees Basil Samuel Charitable Trust c/o Smith and Williamson 5 Moorgate London EC2R 6AY
Tel: 020 7131 4376
Bernard Sunley Charitable FoundationBernard Sunley Charitable Foundation£5000 and Under, £5001 to £20000, £20000 +Lincolnshire• Capital projects which include new buildings, extensions, refurbishments and recreational spaces.
• New minibuses that provide a vital service to those most in need in their local community.
• Churches and other places of worship with a strong, secular community focus.
Projects should have a focus on the community, health, education and social welfare.
RollingBernard Sunley
Biffa AwardBiffaBetween £10000 and £75000Lincoln - Projects located within 5 miles of a significant Biffa Group Limited operation or 10 miles of an active Biffa or other landfill siteExamples are green spaces, woodland walks, nature reserves, play areas, community gardens and building works to clubhouse facilities demonstrating multi usage.RollingBiffa Award
Community Chest & Events

Boston Big Local£1500 MaxBoston Must address one of 4 themes:
Health & Wellbeing, Creating an Attractive Environment, Brining Communities Together & Building the Local Economy.
Can help with core costs including volunteer expenses and room hire or putting on events.
Must benefit the Boston Big Local area and / or its residents.
Panel meets in 05/2022, 09/2022 and 01/2023. Boston Big Local - Community Chest
Bourne United CharitiesBourne United CharitiesDiscretionary

BourneBourne United Charities has been helping the community for over 200 years
The main objective of the charity is for the relief of those in need and provision of social amenities to Bourne and the local area. Bourne United Charities can make grants available in those circumstances where it can be confirmed that social services or other statutory body are unable to assist.
RollingBourne United Charities
Benefact TrustBrighter Lives Mental Health Programme£-LincolnshireGrants are available for churches and Christian charities across the UK and Ireland to provide increased mental health support for people and communities in need. RollingBenefact Trust
Bromhead Medical CharityBromhead£-LincolnshireFunding for self help groups and Individuals.
To support those experiencing difficult in accessing appropriate healthcare.
RollingBromhead Medical Charity
Community Grant FundCard Factory Foundation £2500LincolnshireGrants are available to support projects and activities that benefit Card Factory colleagues and communities where Card Factory stores operate.Rolling
Grants Under - £2500 - Trustees Meet Monthly
Over £2500 - Trustees Meet Quarterly
Card Factory Foundation
Clothworkers FoundationClothworkers FoundationMain Grants Programme – no maximum (average grant £25K
Small Grants Programme – maximum £10K (average £7K)
LincolnshireAligned to priorities:- Alcohol & substance misuse; people with disabilities; young people; disadvantaged minority communities; domestic/sexual violence; older people; homelessness; prisoners; visual impairment
Can fund H
Buildings, Fixture, Fittings and Equipment and Vehicles
RollingClothworkers Foundation
Community Champions - Winter 2022Coop£200 to £200000LincolnshireCommunity Champions is our way of giving back to our local communities. We launched this back in 2013 and since then we’ve helped hundreds of local charities and community groups each year raising amounts from £200 to over £200,000.

Rolling Lincolnshire Coop - Community Champions
Dunhill Medical TrustDunhill Medical TrustProject Grants - Between £5K and £40K (36 months)
Building Grants - Between £5K and £100K
LincolnshireTime limited projects focussing on services for older people
Accommodation/ developments for older people
RollingDunhill Medical Trust
Public Involvement FundEast Midlands Academic Health Science Network (EMAHSN)£2000LincolnshireApplications should encourage public involvement in health and care research, innovation, transformation, and improvement - particularly those that demonstrate the involvement of seldom heard and underserved communities.30/06/2022EMAHSN
Edith Murphy FoundationEdith Murphy Foundation£500 to £5000LincolnshirePurposes:
support individuals who by reason of their age, youth, infirmity, disablement, poverty or social and economic circumstances are suffering hardship, distress or are otherwise in need,
• relieve the suffering and care for unwanted animals.
RollingEdith Murphy Foundation
Edward Gostling FoundationEdward Gostling FoundationUp to £10000LincolnshireThemes are: Health & Wellbeing Independent Living at Home Respite Transition
Information providing, guidance, advice, training and moral and emotional support - independent hospices and care homes Education, training, coaching and development to promote independent living and/or support to help people into paid work, vocational services or volunteering.
Rolling Edward Gostling Foundation
Stop Loan Sharks Community Fund England Illegal Money Lending Team Up to £5000LincolnshireFunds can be spent on any worthwhile community project that meets the following criteria:

Contributes to raising awareness of the dangers of using loan sharks

Prevents crime and disorder and publicises the Stop Loan Sharks message

Promotes the work of the Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) in communities

Encourages reporting of loan sharks.

The Fund Has 4 Main Objectives:
Innovative Community Engagement Impact

30/06/2022Stop Loan Sharks
FCC Communities Foundation FundingFCC Communities Foundation£2000 to £10000010 Miles From Landfill SiteThey will fund projects, such as the:
• Supply or improvement of a public amenity.
• Delivery of biodiversity conservation for UK species or habitats.
• Repair or renovation of historic or architecturally significant buildings
8/6/2022FCC Communities Foundation
G F Eyre Charitable TrustG F Eyre Charitable Trust£200 to £10000Lincolnshire• Funding is available for general charitable purposes. Previously the Trust has supported a wide range of different local, national and international causes, including charities working for human medical research, the relief of suffering and respite, and religious and heritage charities.Rolling• Andrew Richards, G F Eyre Charitable Trust, Francis Clark Llp, Centenary House, Peninsula Park, Rydon Lane, Exeter, EX2 7XE
• Telephone: 01392 667000
• Email:
Garfield Western FoundationGarfield Western Foundation£100000 and Under, £100000 + Lincolnshire• The Foundation supports a broad range of charities that make a positive difference. They fund a wide range of causes and charities and grants vary according to the size of the charity and the work being undertaken.
• Capital, revenue and project costs will be considered.

Projects should have a focus on one of the following:

• Arts
• Community
• Education
• Environment
• Faith
• Health
• Museums & Heritage
• Welfare
• Youth
RollingGarfield Weston Foundation
Mick George Community FundGrantScape£10,000 to £50,000Fund supports projects located in proximity to our donor’s (Mick George Ltd and recently acquired Frimstone Ltd) landfill sites and other waste treatment sites Grants are available to voluntary and community organisations for community projects31/08/2022Mick George Community Fund
Mick George Community FundGrantscapeBetween 10000 and £50000 (Unlikely to fund above £35000)LincolnshireFunding for capital improvement works to public amenities (e.g. village halls, village greens, playgrounds, sports facilities, community centres, nature reserves etc.)31/08/2022, 08/03/2023Mick George Community Fund
Green Hall FoundationGreen Hall Foundation£1000 to £10000Lincolnshire• Funding available to support the homeless, the elderly and church and community projects.
• Preference to projects that support a large number of people and that they are the main funder.
• Prefers to fund specific projects or items of equipment.
Rolling - Meetings May & NovemberGreen Hall Foundation
Hillards Charitable Trust Hillards Charitable Trust £1000Lincoln, BostonGrants available for projects focusing on at least one of the following:

• Care for old people
• Children’s welfare
• Education
• Physical/mental health
RollingHillards Trust
Beatrice Laing TrustLaing Family TrustBetween £2000 and £10000LincolnshireTrustees' priority areas of giving are:

To support new church building, extension or redevelopment projects
To support organisations offering practical services to those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable such as the homeless, the elderly, ex offenders and serviceman
To support organisations providing practical services to people with physical, mental and learning difficulties, predominately
RollingBeatrice Laing Trust
Kirby Laing FoundationLaing Family TrustBetween £2000 and £20000LincolnshireTrustees' primary areas of giving are:

the promotion of the evangelical Christian faith
education and youth development, focused particularly on STEM education and vocational training in traditional crafts
medical welfare and research, with a particular emphasis on dementia, stroke and neuro-degenerative diseases
culture and the environment, focussed on improving access for young people and the disabled, particularly to projects with a national focus / impact, and on encouraging young talent in opera and the performing arts
RollingKirby Laing Foundation
Len Pick Trust

Len Pick TrustUp to £500 or over £500Bourne - including Dyke, Cawthorpe and Twenty, South KestevenFor the general benefit of the inhabitants of the town of Bourne Lincolnshire to further such charitable purposes as the trustees in their absolute discretion shall think fit and in particular the trustees shall make grants to local charitable organisationsRollingLen Pick Trust
Bicker Wind Farm TrustLincolnshire Community Foundation£5,000 Max10 mile radius of Bicker Fen in the Borough of BostonGrants are available for practical or educational projects that either contribute to conservation, energy efficiency or environmental improvements or raise awareness in those areas.01/10/2022 & 01/04/2023Lincolnshire Community Foundation
Bishop of Lincoln’s Social Justice FundLincolnshire Community Foundation£5,000 MaxLincolnshireProjects that combat the following issues:
• Social cohesion
• Isolation
• Poverty/fuel poverty
• Homelessness
• Deprivation
• Social injustice
14/05/2022Lincolnshire Community Foundation
Coastal Community ChallengeLincolnshire Community Foundation£5,000 MaxMablethorpe, Trusthorpe and Sutton on SeaTo improve the lives of people living in this geographical area.01/07/2022, 01/10/2022, 01/01/2023, 01/04/2023Lincolnshire Community Foundation
Grange Wind Farm Community FundLincolnshire Community Foundation£5,000 MaxTen mile radius of Grange Wind Farm between Sutton Bridge and Tydd St Mary, South Holland.Community Cohesion, Young People. Community Facilities. Energy efficiency, Older People 01/06/2022 & 01/01/2023Lincolnshire Community Foundation
Horncastle Health and Wellbeing FundLincolnshire Community Foundation£2,000 for Groups, £500 for IndividualsHorncastle & East LindseyAccess to local services; healthy eating; increase physical activity; support for older people; early intervention; disability groups.01/09/2022 & 25/03/2023Lincolnshire Community Foundation
Laceby Solar FarmLincolnshire Community Foundation£10,000 MaxLaceby, Irby, Riby, Barnoldby le Beck, Bradley, Aylesby and Beelsby, North East LincolnshireCommunity cohesion: Young People: Community Facilities: Energy efficiency: Older People.01/10/2022 & 01/04/2023Lincolnshire Community Foundation
Make a Start (MAST)Lincolnshire Community Foundation£250 MaxLincolnshireTo enable people to get back into training or employmentRollingLincolnshire Community Foundation
The Horsman Foundation FundLincolnshire Community Foundation£500 for individualsLincolnshireThe fund aims to support individual young people’s involvement and progression in sports activities across Greater Lincolnshire where they’re able to demonstrate they have the potential to excel but lack the funds to participate or to move to the next level. Grants may be awarded towards the cost of travel, equipment, kit, membership/competition fees etc. Priority will be given to families on a low income01/08/2022Lincolnshire Community Foundation
Thonock TrustLincolnshire Community Foundation£2,000 for Groups, £250 for IndividualsGainsborough, Corringham, Blyton, Springthorpe and LeaTo further education through cultural activities or personal development; Improvement to health and wellbeing; To assist in gaining access to work, training or employment01/06/2022Lincolnshire Community Foundation
Triton Knoll Offshore Community Wind Farm FundLincolnshire Community Foundation£5,000 Max3km of the landfall location near Anderby Creek, 5km of the
onshore substation location near Bicker Fen.
Enhance the quality of life for local people
Promote community spirit and encourage community activity. Contribute to vibrant, healthy, successful and sustainable
01/07/2022Lincolnshire Community Foundation
Community Wildlife GrantLincolnshire County Council£50 to £500LincolnshireCommunity Wildlife Grant Lincolnshire County Council
£50 to £500 Lincolnshire The community wildlife grant is open to parish councils, charities and constituted voluntary groups. It is for projects in Lincolnshire that:

• protect, improve or promote wildlife
• promote access to and enjoyment of the countryside
• local communities support and may undertake Closing dates to apply are 1 April and 1 September each yea

01/09 and 01/04 each yearCommunity Wildlife Grant
Lloyds Bank Foundation Community GrantsLloyds Bank Foundation£50000 (2 Year Unrestricted Grant)LincolnshireMain focus of work must be centred around one of these social issues:

• Addiction & Dependency
• Asylum Seekers and Refugees
• Care Leavers
• Domestic Abuse
• Homeless & Vulnerably Housed
• Learning Disabilities
• Mental Heath
• Offending, Prison or Community Service
• Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
• Trafficking and Modern Slavery
• Young Parents
RollingLlloyds Bank Foundation
Charity PotLush£100 to £10000Lincolnshire'Charity Pot' is a Lush hand and body cream where 100% of all sales (minus local taxes) are distributed as grants, to groups working in the areas of:
• Animal Protection
• Environment
• Human Rights (incl. social justice, peace & equality)
RollingLush Foundation
Marsh Charitable TrustMarsh Charitable Trust£300 to £2000LincolnshireHelps with core costs.

Areas Funded:
• Arts & Heritage
• Education & Training
• Environmental Causes & Animal Welfare
• Heathcare
• Social Welfare
RollingMarsh Charitable Trust
Marshall & Viggars Charitable TrustMarshall & Viggars Charitable Trust£250 to £500LincolnshireThe Marshall & Viggars Charitable Trust awards grants to individuals or organisations that operate or are based in the United Kingdom for the following charitable purposes:
• Human, physical or mental disability
• Medical care, relief and welfare
• Medical research
• Care, relief or protection of animals
RollingMarshall & Viggars Trust
Medlock Charitable TrustMedlock Charitable TrustUp to £15,000Boston

The trust works with charities supporting the young, elderly, disabled and vulnerable through education, healthcare, housing, sport, arts and culture, environmental initiatives, community services and training and employment schemeRollingMedlock Charitable Trust
Michael Cornish Charitable TrustMichael Cornish Average Award £2000LincolnshireWe support charities and not-for-profits throughout the UK. Individual applications will only be consider in exceptional circumstances.

We support organisations that work in the following areas:
General Charitable Purposes
Children/ Young People
Disabled / Disabilities
Economic/ Community Development
Amateur Sport
Advancement of Health or Saving of Lives
21/06/2022Michael Cornish Charitable Trust
Morrisons FoundationMorrisons Foundation£25000LincolnshireThe Morrisons Foundation awards grant funding for charity projects which make a positive difference in local communities.RollingMorrisons Foundation
Community Fund Moy Park£15KSleaford, AnwickCore purpose of the application should relate to one or more of the following:

• Health & well-being (to include the prevention or relief of sickness, disease or human suffering)
• Social welfare (for those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or another disadvantage)
• Education
• Community development
• Community relations
• Arts, culture
• Amateur sport
• Animal welfare
• Environmental protection or improvement
Rolling - Ends 30/06/2022Moy Park
Foundation Grants for Maintenance National Churches Trust£500 to £5000LincolnshireSmall grants to support small, urgent maintenance and repair issues or to carry out small investigative works costing up to £10,000.31/10/2022National Churches Trust - Foundation
Gateway GrantsNational Churches Trust£3000 to £10000LincolnshireTo support churches in their project development up to RIBA stage 1; supporting local church trusts; and essential repair projects with estimated costs of between £10,000 and £100,000.12/05/2022National Churches Trust - Gateway
Preventative Maintenance Micro-Grants National Churches Trust£500 MaxLincolnshireGrants to support the cost of ‘MaintenanceBooker’ maintenance services.RollingNational Churches Trust - Maintenance
Arts Council Project GrantsNational Lottery£30000 and under
Between £30000 & £100000
Lincolnshire3 outcomes:
1. Creative people – everyone can develop and express communities throughout their life.
2. Creative communities - villages, towns and cities thrive through a collaborative approach to culture.
3. A creative and cultural country - England’s cultural sector is innovative, collaborative and international.
RollingArts Council
Awards For AllNational Lottery£300 - £10,000Lincolnshire• Build strong relationships in and across communities
• Improve the places and spaces that matter to communities
• Help more people to reach their potential, by supporting them at the earliest possible stage.
RollingAwards For All
Heritage Fund Project GrantsNational Lottery£3000 to £10000, £10000 to £250000, £250000 to £5 MillionLincolnshire• Promote inclusion and involve a wider range of people (a mandatory outcome)
• Boost the local economy
• Encourage skills development and job creation
• Support wellbeing
• Create better places to live, work and visit  
• Improve the resilience of organisations working in heritage
RollingHeritage Fund
Reaching CommunitiesNational Lottery£10000 +Lincolnshire• Build strong relationships in and across communities
• Improve the places and spaces that matter to communities
• Help more people to reach their potential, by supporting them at the earliest possible stage.
RollingReaching Communities
North Kesteven Heritage GrantsNorth Kesteven District CouncilUp to £3,000

North KestevenFunding is available to both residential and commercial buildings, and the aim of the scheme is to preserve and enhance the District’s built heritage by encouraging the sympathetic repair of historic buildingsRollingNorth Kesteven District Council
East Coast Community FundOrsted & Grantscape£1000 to £50000East Coast of LincolnshireGrants will be available for:

Community buildings and facilities. For example: capital improvement works to village halls, community centres, museums, heritage centres and community cafes.
Community activities and services. For example: projects addressing health and wellbeing, social isolation, community cohesion, access to amenities, young and old people’s projects, and projects providing support for local clubs and groups.
Environmental and public open space projects. For example: projects involving parks, nature reserves, community growing schemes, and habitat/species conservation.
Sports, recreation and play. For example: playgrounds, skate parks, indoor climbing walls, sports equipment and sports field drainage projects.
27/07/2022, 01/02/2023East Coast Community Fund
Active CommunitiesPeople's Health TrustBetween £5000 - £40000LincolnshireLocal projects designed and run by local people, which addresses health inequalitiesOpens in different regions across the year - check website regularlyPeople's Health Trust
Local School Nature GrantsPeople's Postcode LotteryUp to £500LincolnshireWhat do bird boxes, bee hotels and nature experts all have in common?

We’ll tell you

They are all available free to schools and early years settings as part of Learning through Landscapes Local School Nature Grants Programme, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

This outdoor learning grant fund has two elements – a fully funded outdoor learning training for your staff and £500 of equipment for outdoor learning.
Rolling Local School Nature Grants
Rescue Centre GrantsPets at Home£250 +LincolnshireWill support:
• Vet bills
• Boarding costs
• Food
• Equipment
• Trap and Neuter Schemes
• Vehicles
• Building Work
RollingPets At Home
Magic Little GrantsPostcode Lottery£500Lincolnshire• Improving mental wellbeing
• Enabling community participation in the arts
• Preventing or reducing the impact of poverty
• Supporting marginalised groups and promoting equality
• Improving biodiversity and green spaces
• Enabling participation in physical activity
• Responding to the climate emergency and promoting sustainability
• Increasing community access to outdoor space
RollingMagic Little Grants
Financial & Digital Empowerment FundSantander FoundationUp to £150000 to 12 organisationsLincolnshireTo support you in delivering digital and financial empowerment to people over the next three years.
We’ll award grants over a three-year period.
Currently ClosedSantander Foundation
Screwfix FoundationScrewfix Foundation£5000Lincolnshire• The Foundation is looking to support projects that relate to the repair, maintenance, improvement or construction of homes, community buildings and other buildings.Rolling - Reviewed Jan, Apr, July, OctScrewfix Foundation
Return to Play: Active TogetherSport England£10000 Match Funding LincolnshireActive Together was designed to help with the immediate financial impact of coronavirus and in the longer-term, the return to play.

To date, we’ve supported campaigns with a financial pledge towards their target crowdfunding amount, but in addition to this, we've been providing:

free 1-2-1 coaching by experts
advice and guidance on campaign improvements
access to free online courses
free 30-minute webinars, monthly.
RollingSport England
Together FundSport England via Active Lincolnshire£500 - £5000LincolnshireThe Together fund exists to help reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on activity levels, particularly in under-represented groups, with a specific focus on:
• Lower socio-economic groups (e.g. Low income and those living in area of deprivation)
• Ethnically diverse communities
• People with a disability
• People with long-term health condition
This is a targeted fund to help community organisations to engage their audiences in physical activity, and support the growth and recovery of clubs and community organisations in Lincolnshire working with these priority audiences
17/06/2022, 15/07/2022, 19/08/2022, 16/09/2022,
Sport England - Together Fund
St. Jude’s TrustSt. Jude’s Trust£2000LincolnshireThe scheme is intended to support general charitable purposes, particularly projects which aid the disadvantaged or disabled.31/10/2022St. Jude’s Trust,
Druces LLP,
Salisbury House,
London Wall,
London, EC2M 5PS

Tel: 0207 6389271
Tesco Community GrantsTescoUp to £1500LincolnshireThe scheme is open to all registered charities and not-for-profit organisations, with priority given to projects that provide food and support to young people.Rolling on a quarterly basisTesco Community Grants
The Clore Duffield FoundationThe Clore Duffield Foundation£5000 to £1000000LincolnshireIt should be noted that the majority of support is for the performing and visual arts, culture and heritage, with a particular interest in engaging children and young people with art and culture.RollingThe Clore Duffield Foundation,
Studio 3
Chelsea Manor Studios,
Flood Street,
London SW3 5SR

More info: Clore Duffield Website
Improving Lives & Strengthening CommunitiesThe Henry Smith Charity£20000 – £60000 per year up to 3 yearsLincolnshirePriority Areas:
Helping people to rebuild their lives following a crisis, critical moment, trauma or abuse.
Helping people, whose actions or behaviours have led to negative consequences for themselves and others, to make positive choices
Enabling people to work towards or maintain accommodation.
Supporting People to move into Employment.
Supporting people to overcome their financial problems and ensure that they are able to claim their rights and entitlements.
Working with people to develop improved support networks and family relationships
RollingHenry Smith Charity
The Key FundThe Key Fund£5000 - £300000LincolnshireSectors they would invest in for Social Enterprises include:

• Creative
• Health
• Digital
• Housing
• Eco
• Education & Training

RollingThe Key Fund
Pebble GrantsThe Rank Foundation£250 - £4000LincolnshireCan support short breaks (such as an annual respite break or holiday for disadvantaged young people), equipment (such as white goods), or capital costs (refurbishment or minor building work). Quarterly BasisPebble Grants - Rank Foundation
Trusthouse Charitable FoundationTrusthouse Charitable Foundation£2000 to £10000, £10000 to £100000Lincolnshire• Early intervention to support vulnerable children and families
• Families coping with addiction
• Families of prisoners

Supports core costs, salaries, running and project costs
Rolling - Meetings Jan, April, June & OctoberTrusthouse Charitable Foundation
Veterans' FoundationVeterans' Foundation£30000LincolnshireGrants are available to support charities and not-for-profit organisations that provide lifetime support to those in need among serving Armed Forces personnel, veterans, and their immediate families.20/05/2022Veterans Foundation
COVID-19 Response FundVolant Charitable Trust£15000 per yearLincolnshire• The Volant Trust accepts applications from charities in the UK and internationally that demonstrate a strong focus on alleviating social deprivation and helping vulnerable groups who have been particularly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
• Funding may cover running or core costs in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications for medical equipment and the production or distribution of PPE will also be considered
31/07/2022Volant Trust
West Lindsey - Councillor Initiative FundWest Lindsey District CouncilUp to £1000West LindseyGrants are available to support a wide range of community projects and activities in West Lindsey.28/02/2023West Lindsey Council Initiative Fund
West Lindsey - Match Funding GrantWest Lindsey District CouncilBetween £500 to £8000

West LindseyThe Match Funding Grants aims to provide that vital bit of funding that can help start or finish local community projects. The main purpose of this funding is to help secure or attract external funding either from other local organisations or from regional and national funding bodies.03/2023West Lindsey District Council - Match Funding
The ForeThe ForeUp to £30000 for up to 3 yearsLincolnshireProvides access to business expertise as well as grants to help grantees achieve their goals.
They make grants that cover all sectors and aim to fund charities looking to make a transformational impact on themselves as an organisation. Includes core costs.
RollingThe Fore
The Inman CharityThe Inman CharityBetween £2000 and £5000LincolnshirePriorities are:
Care of the elderly General Welfare Hospices The deaf and blind Care of disabled The Armed Forces Medical Research
RollingInman Charity
The Steel Charitable TrustThe Steel Charitable TrustBetween £10000 and £25000LincolnshireApplications must be for charitable purposes that fall into one of the five core categories below:
Arts and Heritage
Social or Economic Disadvantage
RollingSteel Charitable Trust
The Woodward Charitable TrustThe Woodward Charitable TrustUp to £3000Lincolnshire Funding Priorities: Children and young people who are isolated, at risk of exclusion or involved in anti-social behaviour and projects to help those who have been in the care system. This also covers gang violence and knife crime, education and mentoring as well as projects that work to raise self-esteem and employment opportunities and encourage an active involvement in and contribution towards the local community;
Disadvantaged families, this covers parenting support and guidance, mental health, food poverty, refuges and domestic violence projects;
Prisoners and ex-offenders and specifically projects that maintain and develop contact with prisoners’ families and help with the rehabilitation and resettlement of prisoners and/or ex-offenders after their release.
RollingWoodward Charitable Trust
The Weavers' CompanyThe Weavers' CompanyUp to £15000LincolnshireYoung Offenders - The Company looks to support projects that involve the rehabilitation of young offenders, so that these young people can lead productive and fulfilling lives once released from detention.
Ex Offenders -
Despite a focus on the rehabilitation of young offenders, the Company also supports projects that help ex-offenders of all ages.
Disadvantaged young people - the Company realises that it is as important to prevent young people offending in the first place. It therefore supports projects that help young people make better life choices and fulfil their potential.
14/07/2022 and 17/11/2022Weavers' Company
Start Up AwardsUnLtdStarting Up - £500 to £5000
Scaling Up - £5000 to £15000
LincolnshireSupports Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurs with funding and tailored support
Priority areas: Healthy ageing and access to employment.
Rolling UnLtd Start Up Awards
The Allen Lane FoundationThe Allen Lane FoundationUp to £15000 (Average Grant awarded is £5000 - £6000)LincolnshirePriority Areas:
Asylum seekers and refugees
Gypsies and Travellers
Offenders and ex-offenders
Older people
People experiencing mental health problems
People experiencing violence or abuse
RollingAllen Lane Foundation
Margaret Dobson TrustMargaret Dobson Trust-LincolnshireProjects that benefit young adults with a learning disability to give them skills to live more independent and fulfilled lives
Printing and marketing where part of a specific project
Running costs where it can be shown that the charity may close if not supported at this time.
RollingMargaret Dobson Trust
True Colours TrustTrue Colours TrustUp to £10000LincolnshireThis programme is designed to support excellent local organisations and projects that work with:

disabled children and young people;
children and young people with life-limiting conditions;
and their families.
RollingTrue Colours Trust