A trustee is someone who is responsible for running a charity.
A Charity will have several trustees, who work as a group to make sure the charity is run properly.

Source: The Charity Commission via Youtube

Trustees are responsible for things like:
• Making decisions about what the charity will do to deliver its aims and objectives.
• Managing staff and volunteers;
• Money (maintaining accounts and ensuring solvency).

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A fundamental principle of trusteeship is that trustees should act in the best interest of the organisation and avoid conflicts of interest.
Recruiting new trustees should be part of an organisation’s forward planning. Recruitment should ideally aim to fill skill gaps of existing trustees to ensure a well rounded trustee board.

You can list vacancies for charity trustees using the forms on our volunteering pages. Trusteesweek.org is a national charity set up to support the recruitment and development of charity trustees. Find out more here.


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