“For ten years we’ve been investing in helping small and local charities build on their strengths and grow more resilient so they can thrive over the long term. This could include working with a specialised consultant, a mentor or skilled volunteer, participating in peer networks or accessing resources, memberships and events. With the guidance of our Regional Managers we work with charities to identify strengths and challenges and how to address these.

We want to share our organisational development support offers with charities that we’re not able to fund.

This will include the full range of tailored support offers alongside the guidance of our Regional Managers. Through this programme we will help charities to identify and prioritise their development goals, building on what they are already great at and how to respond to and overcome challenges.

This year we’ll be supporting 60 charities that help refugees and asylum seekers through this Organisational Development Support programme.

This is only available to charities with an income between £25k and £500k so that we can focus our support on charities that can’t often access organisational development support. This programme does not come with a cash grant but all the support provided is completely free of charge.

This is a two-year development support programme, for charities that help asylum seekers and refugees and have an income between £25k – £500k. This is not a funding programme and there is no cash grant linked to it.

Applications close on the 1st of August 2024 at 5pm.

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Organisational Development Support programme – Lloyds Bank Foundation